Red Knot interview: Billy Campbell (The Rocketeer)

Why did a sequel to The Rocketeer never happen? Ahhh, The Rocketeer… what a thrilling and deliriously happy time that was! Director and studio took a chance on an unknown, after J. Depp turned it down (I may have been the single thing Joe and the studio ever agreed on), so it fell to me. The lead in my very first film! A period film (love them!), Jennifer <3, Alan A, Timothy D! I have to say I was climbing the walls to go to work each day. And for a kid who wanted to draw comic-books, it was nirvana to help bring Dave Steven’s work to the screen.

Honeymoon interview: Harry Treadaway (Penny Dreadful)

Talking of surprises, your character was involved in probably the biggest of the first series. How did you react when you first found out about the death of your poor Mr. Proteus? Oh, yeah! Yeahhh, I know! Well I didn’t see it coming! I just thought that it was a truly great twist, you know? And such a fascinating prospect to play Victor Frankenstein a year on from where you are used to seeing him. It was such a rich character that Shelley wrote, and getting to get him to where he needs to go is a joy.

Salty interview: director Simon West (Con Air)

Going back to your beginnings, how did it all start for you? How did you get from Hertfordshire to Hollywood? Well, by practising I suppose, as the old adage goes. I was a film brat. I was passionate about film from 11 or 12. I saved up from my paper round for a little Super 8 camera, and started making my own little films. Then I managed to get hold of a 16mm camera when I was 16, then, by sheer bravado, I managed to talk my way into the BBC when I was 18. They had a film course, and I talked my way into training as a film editor.